Hello! I'm Mandeep. I recently moved into my new printmaking studio after years of working from home delivering printmaking and bookmaking workshops across inspiring Leicestershire venues with Museums, arts and heritage organisations. I wanted a space to develop my own practice but more so to invite people to nurture their creativity in a friendly, relaxed, studio environment. 

The Laughing Cactus printmaking studio name is a nod to time spent in my childhood home of Nairobi, Kenya. During one of my recent trips visiting family, for the first time I suddenly noticed the many varieties, shapes and forms of cacti. I was in awe at seeing these commonly known desert plants sit side by side to the more exotic and tropical. Kenya will always be close to my heart and since coming to England in 1993, I've also developed a love for the great British countryside. 

Laughing is good for the soul, an energy which I want to harness and welcome into the studio environment. Being amongst the natural world has given me so many happy memories full of positive emotion which is where I can often be found recharging my creative batteries. 

I envision The Laughing Cactus brand growing into handprinted works of art, to reflect nature’s offerings as a muse, whether I'm rambling in the great British countryside or immersed in the equatorial environment of my childhood home in Kenya. Creations are inspired by natural and organic forms, shapes and patterns, all lovingly printed in my rural Leicestershire studio.