The ever-changing light in landscape and the effects this has on our inner-home continues to grow as an ever-evolving body of work in Mandeep’s studio, set within the parameters of her Corners of My Home series - transcribing sketches to colour and print studies. 

The Corners of My Home series began as simple observational drawings over the course of 2020 at a time where life for many came to a sudden pause, rediscovering an emotional connection of this sense of security within our homes, borne out of physical limitations the lockdowns presented us with. The concept question of “what contributes to a sense of home, place, safety and comfort?” has since evolved into a deeper exploration of looking beyond the four walls of home and out into the wider landscape of our gardens or in nearby pockets of green areas.

Our homes were becoming more lived in, less a passive construct structured around our day-to-day routines, knocking the all-familiar comfort and safety into a new shape. Listening to the birds chirping and watching the trees come to life over time gave us freedom of permission to slowly and gradually let our guard down, to really feel into our senses and soften into the unknown; an invitation from nature to approach her with curiosity and adventure. Our inner-home was being re-ignited. The ever-changing light throughout the seasons to follow from that first forced containment, remains a constant. It is this light Mandeep explores in her ongoing Corners of My Home series - from chunks of time otherwise marked as ‘lockdowns 1, 2 and 3’, to more regular observations of the impact the outer landscape has on our inner landscape; in doing so, seeking our own inner connection and response to the perfect imperfections of the natural environment that surrounds us.

These first series of print studies are an exploration of works developed from drawings around Mandeep’s garden and local green spaces, of noticing how glowing natural light combined with simplicity of colour interactions found in the canopies above us and the flora below contributes to a feeling of inner-home, to depict the feelings they evoke within, and in turn connecting this with the viewer.

To view the collection of the Corners of My Home Art Cards, visit the Corners of My Home product catergory, where the pack of seven is available to purchase.

Corners of My Home | art cards

Ash Tree keys cluster pen and ink study

Ash Tree keys cluster linocut print study

Sycamore Key monoprint study

Colours of My Garden linocut print study