• Image of Corners of My Home Art Cards
  • Image of Corners of My Home Art Cards
  • Image of Corners of My Home Art Cards
  • Image of Corners of My Home Art Cards
  • Image of Corners of My Home Art Cards

A series of drawing, colour and print studies, exploring light as a connection of our inner-world in relation to our outer-world, as a response to the pandemic lockdowns.

The series began life as observational drawings during 2020 at a time where many, including myself, were rediscovering an emotional connection to this sense of security within our homes, borne out of physical limitations the lockdowns presented us with.

Over the months, time outside and in the studio has since led the concept question of "what contributes to a sense of home, place, safety and comfort?", to organically evolve into a deeper exploration of looking beyond the four walls of home and out into the wider landscape.

Drawings naturally progressed to print and colour studies in relation to how our inner-landscape tunes in with our outer-landscape, which in turn encourages this new-found sense of safety and comfort.

The shared connection we experience with the constantly ever-changing light of the seasons is what these Corners of My Home art cards begin to touch on - exploring colour and light interactions to depict the feelings they evoke within and in turn connecting this with the viewer; of noticing how natural light and simplicity contributes to a feeling of inner-home.

The Corner of My Home art cards are beautifully presented in a flower-opening, origami eco-Kraft card envelope, making it a wonderful coffee table addition, or slotted on a bookshelf, or as a keepsake gift to a loved one in your circle.

Inside, are seven square 12cm x 12 cm art cards, each with a different drawing or print study.

The art cards are printed on 350gsm card with a matte finish coating on one side.

The reverse of each art card is uncoated with space to add your own markings, inspired sketches, write thoughts or to pass on well-wishes to those in your circle as an alternative greetings card.

The art cards are held together by an eco-paper belly-band.

Included, is a short note about the Corners of My Home series printed on eco-paper.


Gift something different to the loved people in your circle with a set of Corners of My Home art cards. The gifted Corners of My Home art cards will be lovingly wrapped using eco-papers, including a hand-written note with your words and joyfully sent directly from my studio to their home; all for a small additional cost of £5.


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